Online Coaching Program

The Kevin Landry Golf Academy is committed to training golfers who want to play their best and enjoy the game. However, many golfers, due to their busy schedules, do not have the time or money to take lessons at the course, or on a consistent basis, to improve. Our Online Coaching Program is designed to give you time back, while still having a professional coach analyze your swing regularly.

I look forward to continuing to provide you with lessons and offer packages that suit your golf goals. This program allows me to create an improvement plan for all aspects of your golf game and stay in contact with you in a convenient manner. Let’s get started today!

Online Coaching Program

The online program will charge a monthly subscription fee that may be canceled at any time. Each golfer will have access to a private feed on CoachNow, which is the place where swing videos and commentary will be uploaded and delivered.

Each golfer will receive 2 online swing analysis per month. The golfer will need to provide video of golf swing from multiple angles to get the benefit of the online instruction.

Benefits of online coaching

  • Get your Swing analyzed by me every month
  • A fraction of the price vs taking an in-person lesson with me
  • Get specific feedback and drills to fix your swing
  • STOP searching YouTube for the answers
  • Play your best golf NOW

Online Coaching

$ 100 Monthly
  • Full Swing
  • Short Game
  • Putting
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Submitting Your Swing for Analysis

After starting your membership, you’ll be given instructions on how to upload videos of your golf swing to CoachNow.  Each lesson will consist of multiple videos from Face-On and Down-the-Line. Kevin will analyze your swing within 48 hours and provide a custom video analysis lesson along with a practice plan to help you reach your goals. If you have access to a launch monitor, Kevin will also analize the numbers associated with your swings.

Online Coaching members receive 2 online assessments every 30 days.

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