Junior Golf Program

The Kevin Landry Golf Academy (KLGA) program is designed to develop the aspiring player to their fullest potential using skills-based games, individual coaching, and a competitive framework.

The vision of KLGA is to encourage players to gain knowledge and develop their golf game to the highest desired level. This includes friendly play, competition in local tournaments, regional and national tournaments, high school and collegiate sports, and, eventually, the professional level. To achieve this, we will:

  • Place players at the appropriate level based on skill, age, and social maturity.
  • Provide a training environment that allows each committed player to maximize their potential.
  • Provide practice sessions that are fun, age-appropriate, challenging, creative, innovative, and consistent with the trends of competitive golf.
  • Instill each player with a greater appreciation for golf, self-confidence, accountability, and responsibility.
  • Focus on communication within the academy to ensure that all families are well informed of schedules, requirements, and the KLGA player development philosophy.

The Kevin Landry Golf Academy will use the Operation 36 framework to design the best program at each level. 

Player Development Program

The Player Development Program will be divided into four levels.
Players will be placed using a Player Placement Process.

LEVEL 1 - Op36 Beginning Golfer

The beginning golfer is new to golf. Some juniors may have been introduced to the game through their parents, junior clinics or the 1st Tee program and are now interested in learning golf at a deeper level. In Level 1 each golfer will advance through the Operation 36 program from Division 1 – 3. Once a golfer advances past Division 3, they will progress to Level 2 as an Op36 Intermediate Golfer.

Each class will have a 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

LEVEL 2 - Op36 Intermediate Golfer

The Level 2 golfer is continuing to develop the skills necessary from longer yardage as they transition to playing golf from the tee box. Golfers at this level may decide to start playing local age group tournaments in addition to the 9-hole events. KLGA will use the Operation 36 framework for Division 4 – 6.

Each class will have a 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

LEVEL 3 - Op36 Elite Golfer

The Level 3 golfer has now advanced to their age & skill appropriate tee box. This level will continue to use the Operation 36 framework, but weekly practices will be customized for the needs of the students. The goal for Level 3 will be to create consistency in shooting par or better. Level 3 golfers may choose to play local and regional age group golf tournaments. These golfers may strive to play at the high school or college level.

Each class will have a 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

LEVEL 4 - Tournament Elite Golfer

The Level 4 golfer should shoot around par consistently. They aspire to play competitive golf at the college level and beyond. Level 4 golfers will play a competitive tournament schedule. Weekly practices will focus on the players’ immediate needs as they prepare for upcoming tournaments. If it is the tournament offseason, golfers will work on areas of improvement to create more consistency in their game.

Each class will have an 8:1 student to teacher ratio.

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