In-Person Coaching Program

The Kevin Landry Golf Academy is committed to training golfers who want to play their best and enjoy the game. If you have not had a New Student Assessment be sure to sign up for that introductory lesson first.  Coaching packages are for students looking for long-term development and a defined curriculum when seeking improvement in their golf game. 

I look forward to continuing to give you lessons and offering you packages that fit your golf goals. These packages allow me to create a plan of improvement for all aspects of your golf game. Let’s get started today!

6-month Coaching Program

The 6-month coaching program will be paid monthly with the first months payment due at checkout. Subsequent payments will be charged to the credit card used for first payment.

**Limited Availability**

The 6-month coaching program includes two 50-minute lessons per month and 2 online swing analysis. Coach and student will create a plan to determine the type of lesson needed at the right time. The 6-month coaching program is ideal for the golfer committed to long-term development. 

The 6-month coaching program includes:

  • Defined Curriculum
  • In-person Full Swing lessons
  • Online Swing Analysis using CoachNow Platform
  • Short Game & Putting lessons
  • Game Management lessons (on course)
  • Video Analysis of swing with each lesson
  • TPI Fitness Screen
  • Club Gapping Analysis

Be sure to select your first date and time through the booking calendar here.

6-month Coaching Package

$ 225 monthly
  • Defined Curriculum
  • Full Swing
  • Short Game & Putting
  • Game Management
  • Golf Fitness Screening
  • Practice Plans

Program Details

Assess Your Fundamentals

Grip, posture, alignment, and ball position are fundamental to a good golf swing. If these are wrong, you will just compensate for them somewhere in the golf swing. We will check your fundamentals and setup for the following in your first lesson.

  • Full Swing
  • Chipping, Pitching, Bunker
  • Putting

Short Term and Long Term Plan

I will determine what will be the easiest part of your golf game to fix so that you can start shooting lower scores immediately. This will allow us the opportunity to fix swing flaws over a longer period of time.


I will use various forms of technology to help assess your swing flaws. This will give me guidance on what is our biggest problem area and what order to fix your swing flaws.


Technology products that I use include:

  • Trackman 4 launch monitor
  • OnForm video platform
  • TPI Screening platform
  • CoachNow Platform

Mental & Physical Preparation

You will learn the mathematically correct way to play golf and make strategic decisions to help maximize your score. Playing good golf is about avoiding big scores and understanding how to make decisions on the golf course to accomplish this.

We will also determine if you have any physical restrictions that may be causing your swing flaws. I will use the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screening process to find your physical restrictions. 

Golf Coaching Manual

The Golf Coaching Manual is for students to have a resource to improve when not in a lesson. It also contains coaching pages for us to record items covered in your lessons. It includes:

  • Club Gapping Analysis
  • Wedge Distance Matrix
  • Statistical Information
  • Practice Manual – drills, games, and tracking
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