What is the Technology Session

The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. This screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health and a client history.

The Technology Session will include the following

  • TPI Screening – The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screen is a process of 16 physical screens to determine limitations in the body that may be affecting your golf swing. 
  • Club Gapping Analysis – you have the option for a full gapping sequence. We will use a launch monitor to determine the exact distance that you hit each club and determine what the next step in club optimization will be. 

Once this process is finished, the results are used to create a plan unique for that golfer. The plan may include fitness training, physical therapy and treatment, coaching of swing mechanics and biomechanics, nutrition, mental strategy, adjustment of clubs or all of the above.

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50-minute Lesson

Technology Session
$ 75
  • TPI Screen
  • Club Gapping Session
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